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The pipe insulation is manufactured from long non-combustible rock fibers with a high performance blinder. It is easy to cut, fit, handle and has high level of thermal efficiency and strength. Each section is split and hinged for easy, snap-on applications.

Designed for tough thermal and acoustic insulation pipe works. It's combination of density, strength, and excellent thermal conductivity at high operating temperatures offer efficient insulation. It is highly applicable for industrial steam and process pipe lines in oil refineries, chemical plant and power stations. It also has the versatility to be used in heating and ventilating or other non-industrial application.

Facings :

Standard Delivery :
Thickness are available from 25 mm to 100 mm and 1/4" up to 24" pipe diameters. The density ranges from 90 kg/m³ to 180 kg/m³.

Service Temperature :
Has a maximum service of 750° (1440 °F) when tested in accordance with DIN 52271. It can be used in continuous service temperatures up to 850°c.

Thermal Conductivity :
Shows remarkably low thermal conductivity values. Typical figures are shown as tested in accordance with corresponding standards.

Mean Temp°C

k - value W/mk 110 kg/m³ ASTM C335-84

k - value  W/mk 170 kg/m³ DIN 52613

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