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What is Rockwool?

Rockwool, as the name suggests resembles wool but is made from a rock. The Rock Fiber is made from selected minerals by melting them at 1500 ºC and by spinning this melt to very fine fibers. The fibers are then stitched, bonded together with selected binders to form a variety of products.

Rockwool products are produced in various shapes, thickness and densities and with different facings to suit particular requirements.

Uses of Rockwool :

Rockwool products cover the temperature range from -250 ºC to + 800 ºC.
Due to its wide range of products and excellent insulating, fire resisting and sound absorbing properties Rockwool is widely used in industrial plants, building construction, air conditioning and vehicle industry. Use of Rockwool, however is most recommended for high temperature applications of the type found in the industrial plants.

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